Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Get on your bike

Sandbars, The Bahamas
Photograph by Philippe Bourseiller
Preserving the quality of the air around us is indispensable to life. Air pollution kills 3 times as many people as road accidents. It causes respiratory diseases (chronic bronchitis, asthma, sinusitis) and is responsible for 310,000 premature deaths in Europe each year.

Get on your bicycle, rather than using your car and not only will you help make the air cleaner, but you will be fitter and healthier too. And with congestion so bad in our cities, your journey will probably take less time as well.
- from the book '365 Ways to Save the Earth' by Philippe Bourseiller

Personal Note: Sometimes public transport can be the faster way to travel (like in Mumbai) while avoiding road traffic congestion. Some cities have very efficient public transport systems which can be explored. Also, taking a house closer to work (if possible) not only reduces the time spent traveling but also brings down the pollution caused by the vehicle.

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