Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mulch your garden to protect it from evaporation and weed growth

(For the 3rd of May)

Acid Lake, Vanuatu
Photograph by Philippe Bourseiller
When weeds appear in the garden, there is a strong temptation to eliminate them using environmentally damaging chemicals. But you can prevent them from growing in the first place by using natural mulch cover that also helps to keep moisture in the soil. Protected from weeds as well as from drying out excessively, the garden will be healthier.

You can mulch the soil around the base of plants, trees and bushes using hay, dried grass cuttings, leaves, wood shavings, chippings and so forth. Mulching also protects soil from the action of sun and wind, and helps to keep it moist.
- from the book '365 Ways to Save the Earth' by Philippe Bourseiller

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