Saturday, February 5, 2011

Do not litter the mountains

Tabular iceberg, Antarctica
Photograph by Philippe Bourseiller
Mount Everest, the highest point on the planet, has been a well-travelled destination for decades. As many as 300 climbers a day may gather at base camp during the peak season, and the area has suffered considerable pollution as a result. Recently, several cleanup campaigns have removed piles of trash from the roof of the world; the first operation at base camp eliminated 30 tonnes of waste. Nor has Mont Blanc in France been spared by the 3,000 climbers who trample its summit every year. Between 1999 and 2002, cleanup operations removed almost 10 tonnes of waste from the summit alone. The fragile environments of the hugh summits are sensitive to the slightest disturbances and easily damaged by mass tourism.

Do not contribute to the degradation of high places; leave nothing behind and pick up what others irresponsibly throw away.
- from the book '365 Ways to Save the Earth' by Philippe Bourseiller

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