Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recycle actively and effectively

Close-up of coral, Thailand
Photograph by Philippe Bourseiller
Take part in your local recycling program: Note the collection times and learn how to sort from your local council. Proper sorting is vital to making your recycling efforts meaningful - contamination in a recycling container can mean that it can't be recycled and will be diverted to a landfill. Be sure to consult the guidelines for your local recycling scheme to find out what you can include in your recycling collection. Recycling is important, but it is essential to do it properly.

If you are uncertain about what to do with a particular item of waste, call the council or your nearest recycling facility - don't just throw it in with your recyclables or other rubbish.
-from the book '365 Ways to Save the Earth', by Philippe Bourseiller

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