Friday, February 11, 2011

Don't idle your car engine

Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, United States
Photograph by Philippe Bourseiller
Since 1900, emissions of carbon dioxide have risen dramatically as a result of growing consumption of coal, oil and gas, and its concentration in the atmosphere is the highest it has been in the last 20 million years. An average passenger car in the United Kingdom produces nearly 4.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

When you start your car engine, you don't need to run it while remaining stationary in order to 'warm it up'. Instead just drive gently for a few miles: The engine will warm up while avoiding needless pollution, carbon-dioxide emissions and fuel consumption.
-from the book '365 Ways to Save the Earth', by Philippe Bourseiler

Personal Note: Isn't this a gorgeous photograph with amazing colors?
These days electric cars are also getting popular. My husband informs me that with gas getting more expensive electric cars are a good choice. Also because there are greener means of generating electricity and certainly because the cars are less polluting. What do you think?

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